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Clergy Response

Chaplain Assistance

This is a new way of working together to provide more assistance to the residents of North Kingstown. North Kingstown Clergy work with the Police Department when requested, responding to calls where the presence of a clergy may prove to be helpful. The Clergy come from the various faith communities in the town but are present in an ecumenical and faith specific manner.

Clergy may bring a “ministry of presence” that is non-threatening, calming, and comforting. The Chaplain has the time to sit, listen and talk with someone who has just been informed that a loved one is seriously injured or dead, a victim of domestic violence, a frightened child, a lonely adult. When the officer who has responded to the call or brought the news needs to leave, the Chaplain is able to stay longer and provide support, empower the individual to take the next step of calling someone, or simply be present without having to leave to get back to work. This presence can be most helpful at difficult times. If appropriate, the Chaplain may also pray with the individual or help contact someone from the appropriate faith community.

Chaplains are also available for Police Officers and other staff who may want to talk to someone outside of the department or have someone to simply listen – whatever the issue may be.

Chaplains are either trained or being trained in the CISM (Critical Incidence Stress Management) protocol recognized internationally as a standard of response to critical incidents.

Chaplains can be reached through the dispatcher of the North Kingstown Police Department.